Sunday, April 13, 2014

Welcome Back to Me - with cake!

Goodness it's been a long time since I posted. Been busy with my other hobby ( and just life!  I also picked up a new hobby which I don't think is a good thing at all. But there it is.

I started cake decorating!

Now one thing about cake is that it's more important to me that it actually tastes nice because once the knife hits it, it's over for whatever design you had going.  So I've realised that as far as possible I will try and cover them with butter cream because that stuff I can eat with a spoon. I've discovered fondant though for decorative elements as you'll see.

Here's my latest creation which I made for our pastor's birthday:

The cabin is made with fondant (note, it's hollow inside which was tricky to keep it up straight).
The trees were made by shaping white fondant onto short cocktail sticks and then piped green butter cream with a grass nozzle. Easy Peasy.

The close-up shows the 'curtains' in the window :D.

I found that I can use the pasta setting on my Oscar juicer to make strips of fondant. Goodness, that saved a lot of time! You can see some of it framing the door.

The cabin walls, roof and chimney was embossed with embossing plates.

The back double layer of chocolate cake is covered with caramel and the layers put together with butter cream. The bottom is covered in butter cream covered with crushed sweet biscuit for sand.