Monday, June 7, 2010

Madeleines and loads of butter

I just finished spending 2 hours in the kitchen making Madeleines, a butter icing and a Frangipane (thick almond custard) from scratch.

I made about 100 Madeleines and it's quite time consuming. The Madeleine pan I got has 20 small shapes and it takes about 1 tsp of batter to fill each one. But the time is worth the taste! It's awesome.

They didn't come out quite as pretty as the experts' ( but I'm not complaining.

Then I tried my hand at some butter icing and a "Frangipane" custard that I'm going to use on Mille Feuille ( on Wednesday. Tastes great! But oh my, the butter, the butter, the butter. I went through about one whole block of unsalted butter for the Madeleines, the icing and the custard. And never mind the eggs.

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