Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Short crust pastry

Note on Short Crust Pastry - it works much better if you actually use a pastry cutter. Last time I tried the pastry the butter wasn't worked in enough at this stage and when I added the water it was a soggy, muddy mess. It worked out fine when I added some flour but not ideal since I had to knead it a bit much. Also a note on adding the water. Recipe says 4 - 4.5 tbsp. Rather start by just adding 3 and then add the 4th after some of the flour has been incorporated. Only THEN a couple drops more if needed.

Doing the fraisage might need 2 - 3 repeats to make sure the butter is nicely blended with the flour. But be gentle, yet firm. A bit like with kids I suppose. And don't let the pastry get warm. Rather chill inbetween.

What is fraisage? http://havekniveswillcook.com/kitchen-tips/get-flaky-with-fraisage/

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