Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sauce brune

First of all I need to say that I would never have thought of cooking a brown sauce for 2 hours and that excludes the preparations which probably took 30min+. But it smells divine. SinceI'm not going to copy recipes directly here (copyright and all that) I can just say, it's got veg, it's got bacon and it's got stock with herbs. And it simmers gently like some secret potion releasing a most glorious aroma.

The sauce is per request to serve something "saucy" with the food and it's been a bit of a puzzle on what to serve with a quiche. Since the "sauce brune" when variated with herbs and butter (sauce brune aux fines herbes) can be served with eggs, I thought to give it a bash. (verdict to follow)

This is what it looks like before the flour is added to brown and the beef stock:

After the stock and the herb bouquet is added:

Quiche Lorraine - easy peasy. The short crust pastry is half-cooked in its pan and awaiting the filling and baking. Don't foresee any problems :)

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  1. The verdict on the 'sauce brune' is that it tastes like a good shop-bought sauce. So pfffft. BUT if you want a sauce where you know exactly what goes into it and does not contain any preservatives, then it's worth doing. Otherwise, head to the nearest Woolworths and pick up their plain gravy.