Monday, June 7, 2010

Quiche Lorraine and nifty cooking accessory

Quiche Lorraine

This is so easy to make and if you buy pre-made short crust pastry it's even quicker. Important to note that you have to par-bake the pastry before you add the filling otherwise the pastry might still be raw and the filling cooked.

Nifty cooking accessory: The silicone cooking band

These are really great for anything that needs to be tied and cooked and you can either dispose of them afterwards (if you feel splurgy) or just wash and re-use. A packet contains 25 in 5 different colours so you can make individual items and identify them by colour. These are used to truss a whole chicken (when you fold the wings and legs in before baking) or for any rolled meat dish, like Paupiettes (beef rolls). Below I made a herb bouquet with one:

Pretty isn't it?

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